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Thursday, December 09, 2004


Do You See What I See?

He was valiant, a conquering hero, and a champion of the West, but unfortunately, Michigan starting defensive tackle Larry Harrison felt Ann Arbor needed to know something else about him. Harrison was arrested late Tuesday for allegedly "revealing himself" to girls on a porch near South Division Street. Harrison was charged with indecent exposure and released from jail after payment of a $500 bond. Currently, no further charges have been brought against Harrison, but police are suspicious that Harrison has been revealing himself around campus for as many as five months! Harrison has been suspended from the football team less than a month before the Rose Bowl.
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Rose Bowl Baby

Winter Break is usually a relaxing time for all students, but this year's Winter Break is less than two weeks for BSchool students. Despite having one week and a half to purge the stress of finals, I am planning an action packed break. The schedule is as follows:

December 21st: My 21st birthday (spent in the library (sober) preparing for finals)
December 23rd: Last final
December 24th: Drive to Grandma's in Iowa for the holidays
December 27th: Leave for Vegas with family (21st bday present)
December 30th: Leave Vegas for California to visit family
December 31st: New Years festivities in California
January 1st: ROSE BOWL BABY

I decided to dish out the $140 for a ticket to help root the Wolverines on to victory against the Texas Longhorns. After I graduate, I do not want to be able to say that the Wolverines went to the Rose Bowl twice out of my four years here and I never went to celebrate their accomplishments. Regardless of the outcome, my trip to Pasadena will be a once in a lifetime experience. Of course, a victory would make the trip that much......rosier.

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Texas Heartbreaker to Meet Wolverines in Pasadena

Although California still had one game left to play, it was well known around the sports world that Cal would play Michigan in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. All Cal had to do is beat the mediocre Southern Miss Golden Eagles....and they did. But for many, the game was too close for comfort to realistically claim that Cal is the best team to receive a Rose Bowl bid. Cal did win the game 26-16, but the Golden Eagles could have tied the game late in the fourth quarter if their extra-point attempt had not been blocked following a touchdown. When the final BCS polls were first publicized on Sunday, many were shocked to see that Cal was stripped of a Rose Bowl bid even though they had won their last game of the season. I was so sure that Michigan would duel Cal in the Rose Bowl that I had bought my Uncle, a Cal alumnus, a ticket to the Rose Bowl so we could both cheer on our teams. Needless to say, he is now not interested in the game. Anyone need a ticket?
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Welcome to the BIG House

Many people will argue that Michigan Stadium (nicknamed the Big House) is the best place to watch a football game in the world. With an "official" capacity of 107,501, the Big House, appropriately named, is the biggest sporting venue in the country. In the early 1920's, Fielding Yost dreamed of a stadium big enough so that everyone who wanted to would be able to watch the magnificent Wolverines destroy their opponents. On April 22, 1926, the board of regents accepted his proposal for what would eventually be known as Michigan Stadium. The stadium was built on top of an underground spring, creating a quicksand-like land foundation. Because of the high water levels, nearly 3/4 of the stadium was built below ground level. During construction, the unstable land completely engulfed a crane. To this day, the crane rests peacefully under the biggest stadium in America.
Though Yost desired a stadium that would hold 150,000 screaming fans, the regents agreed the stadium would be built to hold 72,000 people. Michigan Stadium has since been expanded five times to reach its current capacity. Since its opening, Michigan Stadium has hosted over 35 million fans and over 170 consecutive crowds of 100,000 plus.
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Monday, November 22, 2004


Bittersweet Roses

The worst and best things that Wolverine fans could have imagined happened on Saturday. First, in the biggest rivalry in college sports, Michigan showed up unpoised and sloppy against the struggling Ohio State Buckeyes. The 7th ranked Wolverines were embarassed by the Bucks in a 37-21 loss. I decided to make the three hour trip to Columbus with some of my friends to see the game. After Michigan jumped ahead of OSU 14-7 at the end of the first quarter, I anticipated a Michigan blowout in Columbus. Instead, I painfully watched the Buckeyes score 27 unanswered points in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. If the game itself was not hard enough to bear, the heckling of the OSU fans added salt to the wound. Buckeye fans of all ages taunted, pushed, and threw things into the Michigan student section. I wanted nothing more than for the Wolverines to pull out a win in Columbus to rip out the hearts of the cruel OSU loyalists.
Given the loss, the Wolverines were still guaranteed a shared Big Ten Championship with either Wisconsin or Iowa, but a trip to the Rose Bowl would be determined by the winner of the Wisconsin vs. Iowa game. In a lopsided game, Iowa dominated the Badgers on both ends of the field, handing the once-undefeated Badgers their second loss in as many games. So, the Wolverines dropped what many would argue to be the most important game of the season to an arch-rival. Nonetheless, the Wolverines still earned a trip to Pasadena with their victories against all other Big Ten teams they faced this season (not to mention a little help from those Hawkeyes). Can Michigan use the loss in Columbus to help drive them to victory in Pasadena against a team yet to be determined? Time will tell.
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Roses yet again?

For the second year in a row, Michigan has dominated the Big Ten, leaving the last game of the season against Ohio State to yet again determine the Wolverine's fate. With Wisconsin's last week upset loss to cross state rivals Michigan State, the Wolverine's hold a Rose Bowl bid in their own hands. A win would leave the Wolverines undefeated in the Big Ten and would clinch a Big Ten championship, while a loss would make things a little more interesting (and stressful). Give a Michigan loss in Columbus this weekend, a Wisconsin win against Iowa would give the Badgers and Wolverines equal records in the Big Ten with one loss. However, since Michigan was the last team to go to "the Bowl of all Bowls", Wisconsin would be heading to Pasadena. However, if Iowa were to win on Saturday against the Badgers, both the Wolverines and the Hawkeyes would have one loss in the Big Ten. Since the Wolverines were victorious in Ann Arbor against the Hawkeyes during the regular season however, Michigan would be heading to Pasadena for the second year in a row. Most simply, Michigan needs a win in Columbus to ensure their trip to the golden state. Can Michigan win in Columbus? Many say that with the determination of freshman the sensations Chad Henne and Michael Hart complemented with graduating senior Braylond Edward's leadership, the Wolverines are in good shape. Nonetheless, with OSU's disappointing season overall and in the Big Ten, the Buckeyes are looking to redeem themselves by ruining a Wolverine trip to Pasadena. Without a doubt, Saturday will be a game destined for the history books. For a sports critic's ratings of college rivalries, visit:


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